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Is this your first loan application with us?

Currently, are you, your organization, and/or an owner or officer of your organization

A defendant in any suits or legal actions?
Involved in any judgments, liens, or surety claims?
Delinquent on any real estate debts?
Delinquent on any Federal or State taxes?
Financially worse off, to a material degree, relative to the time of your last loan application with this Builder Finance?
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Do you own the subject property?
Has construction started?
Land vacant at purchase?
If not vacant, demolition required?


Are water and electric utility hookups currently available at the land?
Is a sewer hookup available at the land?
Has any of the property been designated as wetlands by the local, state, or federal government?


Is the property under contract to be sold after completion?
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How would you like to provide your budget?

Property Cost

Site Work



Exterior Finishes

Major Systems Rough-ins

Interior Finishes

Final Steps

Total Budget

Our Contact Infomation

When sending a budget seperately, please include your contact information and the property address.
Attn: Builder Finance Inc.
5929 S. Mogen Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57108
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Will a third-party general contractor work on this?
You may be asked for additional information, such as general contractor resume.

Largest Contractor or Supplier

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I have prepared and reviewed this form. I hereby certify and represent that all of statements are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I authorize Builder Finance Inc. and its affiliates to obtain references for the business and principals associated with this loan, including contacting any of the parties (a) listed above for whom a phone number is requested and/or (b) listed on any other form as a reference.
I hereby certify, represent, and warrant that the loan is made for the business purpose of building the subject property. Such property is expected to be sold at arm's length to a third party, and the individuals comprising the current ownership will not occupy the property or otherwise allow it to be used personally until the requested BFI loan has been paid off in full.
Best Contact for Follow-Up
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This form is not intended to be, and shall not be deemed to be or construed as, a commitment by Lender to provide a Loan or to provide any other financial accommodation to Borrower or Sponsor or any of their respective affiliates.
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